July 03, 2008

Chapter 1 - Fancy Terms in Plain English

transliteration (1.1) - "translating the letters": writing one language in the letters of a different language

begadkephat letters (1.5) - The letters B,G,D,K,PH,&T(taw only). Since this is a made-up word anyway, I prefer a word that is actually pronounce-able and remember-able: Bigfoot Kid letters: BiG-PHooT KiD

daghesh lene/daghesh forte (1.5,2.13,3.5) - "little dot"/"big dot" (the dots are actually the same size, but can be "lene"/"little" in Bigfoot Kid letters to change the sound. (When Bigfoot Kid steps on the dots, they tend to get "little" and stop breathing.)

gutturals (1.6) - "throaty" letters--they come from your throat, like the H in our throat-clearing word ahem.

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